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Our Enterprise Account Team can provide industry expertise, specification writing, and a single point of contact for all of your projects across the country.

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Our award winning team: recognized by The Tennessean in the list of “Top Places to Work, 2021” and also awarded “2021 Branch of the Year” from The Cook & Boardman Group, LLC.

Program Features

Our Enterprise Agreement can help you reduce costs and minimize construction delays. Our industry expertise, dedicated account teams, and warranty management will save you time and ensure your projects run smoothly.

Reduced Project Cost

Reduced Project Costs

By combining multiple construction projects, we are able to negotiate with our door, door frame, and hardware manufacturers on lower prices for higher volumes. When compared to the approach of buying each project individually, the savings are significant.

Build Schedule Demands

Minimize Construction Delays

Cook & Boardman will stock prototype materials for our Enterprise Account clients; your orders ship directly from our inventory and bypass long factory lead times. Our pre-installation process means doors ship with hardware attached – components do not go missing on the job site and compatibility issues are addressed before doors get shipped.

Specification Writing

Industry Expertise

Cook & Boardman will write specifications, hardware schedules, and recommend the correct materials for the functionality, security, or required building codes specific to each project.

Single Point Of Contact

Dedicated Account Teams

Every account is assigned to an account team who understands the specific account needs and materials, inside-and-out. This team will maintain the product standards and specifications as established by the architect and the account’s corporate construction team.

Product Support

Warranty Management

In the event that materials fail, we simplify the warranty process to a single point of contact.

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Coast-to-Coast Shipping

Bypass long lead times or supply chain delays. We keep inventory of your project materials and work directly with manufacturers to ensure your jobs stay on schedule. Doors, frames and hardware in-stock, available for quick-ship, nationwide.

Common Questions & Concerns

What is involved in a “Enterprise Account Agreement”?

It can be as simple as having “Door, frame, and hardware materials to be supplied by The Cook & Boardman Group,” added to plans and specifications. Other times an official legally binding document is necessary. Our customers determine the level of agreement required.

Does this really reduce my costs?

Yes, significantly. If a single is project is 10 doors, and the build schedule is 50 new projects per year for three years, we negotiate with the manufacturers based on the combined volume of 1500 Doors (50 projects x 3 years x 10 doors per project). The volume discount savings are substantial.

How would this work? My doors are currently purchased by General Contractors on each project.

This situation is common; many of our current accounts still purchase door materials through the General Contractor. We will work with a corporate client to establish the standard materials and stocking agreement, but deal directly with the General Contractors on an individual project basis.

If I buy nationally instead of locally, what about freight damage?

We have developed a system for crating materials in our shop that minimizes freight damage and allows us to ship throughout North America with minimal issues.