Openings may represent a small piece of the overall build. They are likely to be installed last and can be easy to overlook, but when problems occur with doors, frames, and hardware it creates last-minute delays and big headaches. We have designed our Enterprise Account Program to reduce problems for our customers.

Single Point Of Contact

Single Point of Contact

Our Project Management staff are assigned specific Enterprise Accounts. They become the experts on the building standards, specific materials, and build schedules. Our team members will identify any inconsistencies in plans and specifications up front and verify before ordering materials. This expertise allows our Project Management Team to understand the project demands, materials and timeframe, and they will be able to apply any knowledge and experience to future projects.

Value: A Enterprise Account allows you to deal with an expert on your specific projects every single time.

Specification Writing

Specification Writing

Determining the correct materials for your project’s design, code, or specific application can be challenging. A Enterprise Account representative can refine your prototypical materials to fit your specific needs and goals, or determine the best materials to use for a special application. This will include recommending the optimum door, door frame, and hardware for the functionality, cost, appearance, security, or required building codes. We can also work with the architect to write specifications and hardware schedules specifically for your projects.

Value: Added door industry expertise strengthens the planning and execution of each project.

Build Schedule Demands

Meeting Build Schedule Demands

How great would it be to know that all of the door materials are sitting in a warehouse waiting for when you need them? That is exactly how a Enterprise Account Stocking Agreement works. Your prototypical materials will be stocked instead of factory ordered. Project materials or added materials will ship from inventory instead of being held up by extended factory lead-times – which can be 10+ weeks. Your materials will ship in days, not weeks.

Value: You will not have to worry about delays, security issues, or the doors.

Reduced Project Cost

Reduced Project Costs

By combining all of the materials for scheduled construction projects, we are able to negotiate with our door, frame, and hardware manufacturers on higher quantities and pass the savings along to our customers. There are significant savings when compared to the current model of buying each project individually. Interested in saving more? We can evaluate your current building standards and determine if there are value engineering options that could reduce costs even further.

Value: Reduced cost per project.

Standardization Of Materials

Standardization of Material

A great deal of time is invested in ensuring all materials meet your security, function, appearance, quality, and code needs. However, when materials are sourced from local door distributors and on a project-by-project basis, those standards are routinely ignored. For example, retail construction has short build schedules which do not allow for prototypical materials to be factory ordered. A local distributor may supply what they have in stock to meet deadlines, but these materials rarely match the specified standard materials.

Value: A Stocking Agreement through Enterprise Accounts helps guarantee that materials supplied match established standards for security, function, appearance, quality, and codes for every project.

Code Compliance

Code Compliance

The codes related to doors are numerous. Fire, Life Safety, and ADA all contribute to determining the size of the opening and necessary hardware. Utilize our staff’s expertise to ensure all materials meet code requirements.

Value: Maintain code compliance for all projects.

Product Support

Product Support / Warranty Management

Product support and managing warranties can be a complex process without a Enterprise Account vendor. If a piece of hardware fails, you must contact the General Contractor, who has to contact the local distributor who supplied the product, who then contacts the factory, who then sends out a replacement part. A Enterprise Account Agreement simplifies this process and minimizes down time.

Value: One touch product support and warranty management on materials with a Enterprise Account Agreement.

Design Element Materials

Design Element Materials

Your doors do not have to be boring; they can reinforce your brand and identity. Imagine a custom color, door design, and hardware that incorporates a logo, or an overall design that matches your design aesthetic. These items are all available, but with long lead-times. Purchasing from a local distributor might create problems, but with a Enterprise Account Stocking Agreement factory lead-times do not matter – your preferred items become stocked material. This represents a great opportunity to have your doors support your brand message.

Value: Custom designed materials specific to your projects that can ship in days instead of months.

Keys And Cores

Keys and Cores

Organizing keying can present significant challenges when managing facilities, especially when they are spread out across the country. We offer multiple solutions that allow you to set-up your system, maintain security, and provide replacement cores and keys as necessary. A single point of contact turns keying and re-keying each property into a simplified matter of routine.

Value: Simplify the process by providing a single point of contact for keying for all projects.

Healthy Hardware

Healthy Hardware

Special hardware applications can provide a safer environment for employees and customers. Touchless hardware and special finishes can limit exposure to microbes when passing through a door opening. Our team can provide expertise on the latest trends in this growing niche.

Value: Provide peace of mind for anyone that uses your doors.

Pre Installed Hardware

Pre-Installed Hardware

Hardware can be installed in our facility, and doors will ship with hardware pre-installed. Our team will install and test all hardware in our shop which simplifies field install, minimizes lost materials on the site, and identifies any problems ahead of time. Doors are often installed last. Eliminating any hold-ups ahead of time through pre-installation helps projects avoid last-minute delays.

Value: Save time and minimize problems.

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